Creating sustainable values for partners to ensure fair revenue sharing through a diverse ecosystem. Not only meeting the trend of the times but also satisfying users' needs.
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DeffZone supports custodial staking and can cancel staking at any time. DEFF reward will be calculated at the time of staking cancellation. The DeffZone administration will likely allow voting to determine the staking cost structure.



Users and holders can convert DEFF tokens into several LP tokens for compounding and more profit. If you only keep coins in the wallet, they can not be optimal for-profits; using our platform means that smart contracts will calculate the optimal rate and allow you to share the transaction fees from the DEFF allocation.



DeffZone SWAP allows users to trade without going through centralized exchanges. Everything you do on DeffZone Swap is transferred directly to your wallet.



DeffZone Wallet is a digital asset management platform supporting NFTs, tokens on different chains, and decentralized applications. DeffZone wallet will be available on mobile devices (iOS and Android), Chrome, and dapp browsers.



DeffZone Launchpad is an on-chain platform for crypto startups to raise capital through the IDO (Initial DEX Offering) process. Only those who lock DEFF tokens or win the whitelist can join IDO.


NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace is a place for NFT trading, NFT creation, or auction of works on Binance Smart Chain.


Mobile App

The Deffzone Mobile App app is the Center of the Deffzone ecosystem. Its aim is to create a comprehensive information channel in the crypto market for the entire investment community as well as developers. The Deffzone Mobile App works based on the following items:Community, airdrops, news - Events, Press release, box sale app, presale NFT for all, review traffic all projects, check contract, fund communication, market.

How it work?

Build everything on decentralization

Decentralized non-custodial money market protocol

Platform development on Binance Smart Chain

BSC(Binance Smart Chain) is the trend of the global financial technology platform to bring the community a range of benefits in the new business model.

Unlimited scalability

Enables you to link all apps on the same platform to yield more.

Competitive Advantage


Experience in the field of Blockchain

The DeffZone team has built a flourishing DeFi ecosystem on the Tron network. They are highly experienced in finding the limitations of a project and have the perfect adaptability when developing the project—New on BSC. DeffZone is an improvement from working continuously to bring a unique experience that is suitable for the times and focuses on the interests of all participants.


DeffZone applies a new DeFi technology trend called DeFi 2.0 to overcome the old DeFi limitations. DeFi 2.0 will increase profits significantly more with a farm pool with APY up to tens of thousands or huge Airdrops to attract new users and create a source of liquidity for the market. Moreover, increasing decentralization is promoted by operating as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) where anyone can vote for the joint development. One more point for notice is when DeFi 2.0 can reach higher capital efficiency, this is also noted by DeffZone when building the overall mechanism for the project.

Close relationship with major partners

The established relationships will help DeffZone have more facets and creativity in this entirely new operating model. Shorten the distance between the developer and the investor community, and increase the reliability of the project. One of the partners whom DeffZone is aiming at is Binance Exchange through its partner program.

Meet our team

Robert MacAskill

CO-FOUNDER & CEO of DeffZone

Steve Becker

CO-FOUNDER & COO of DeffZone

Michael Peterson

CO-FOUNDER & CTO of DeffZone

David Marquez

CO-FOUNDER & CTO of DeffZone

* Human Resource Manager: Emirates Airline.

* Head of Operations and Sales: Servicengine BPO.

* Global Sales and Marketing Head: FXTM. Sales and Business coach, certified blockchain analyst, crypto enthusiast, Global Marketing community developer.

* Senior leader with 17 years through-the-line telecommunications experience and track record of achieving results in leading-edge projects. Driven by true passion for delivering results through creativity and innovation. Experienced working with international teams and multiple stakeholders.

* PhD, Telecommunications University of Braford: Researching future networks and designing new protocols and handover algorithms.

* Exceptional know-how in community development and omni channel marketing.

* Human Resource Manager: Emirates Airline

* Head of Operations and Sales: Servicengine BPO.

* Global Sales and Marketing Head: FXTM.

* Sales and Business coach, certified blockchain analyst, crypto enthusiast, Global Marketing community developer.

* Co-founder The Shark Group.

* Managing Partner ARK Group.

* Master Degree in Finance & Business:Administration University of Cambridge.

* Marketing and Sales Manager: Leisure Equity Marketing.

* Sales& Customer Complaints Manager Q-PHOTO.


* Sales Representative: PRE-EMPT SECURITY.

* Logistics Manager: Mobax Telecommunications.

* Master - Sales & Marketing management: University of Florida.